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Welcome to your soulful journey.  I would love to assist you on your way.

If you close your eyes right now and imagine the best possible outcome for your life, the dream you dream of doing with your life.  What does it look like, feel like?  Now, notice the thoughts that come immediately after this.  Often they are something like this

‘There is no way that could happen’

‘No one would listen to me’

‘I can’t afford that’

‘I’m not good enough’

‘Other people can do that, not me’

Now think about all the people doing exactly what you dream of?  So… why not you?

My passion is to assist you to connect with who you really are, understand what limits you and clear the pathway to your best life.  The life that inspires you, where you are the best version of yourself.

Why not find out all that is possible to live a beautiful soulful, connected life?

Get in touch, lets do it together! 

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Reconnect with yourself through Kinesiology

Life Balance Therapy is a Holistic Kinesiology practice in Wollongong, NSW, which aims to improve your health and well-being by stimulating your body’s own healing potential.

When it comes to our health, most of us want to be up to date and in the know about what’s good for us. However we believe your body may already know exactly what it needs for optimal wellbeing.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology very simply – helps restore balance to your body

When you’re in a balanced state it is far easier to access your own wisdom so you can make decisions from a place of clarity.

Kinesiology enables you to gain awareness and insight in every area of your life and assists you in accessing the wisdom within your mind, body and spirit to make improvements.

Holistic kinesiology is a very broad form of kinesiology that makes use of most areas of complementary medicine. Like all forms of natural therapies – Holistic Kinesiology aims to improve your health and well-being by stimulating your body’s own healing potential.

Why is Holistic Kinesiology different to other therapies?

The amazing difference with Holistic Kinesiology to other therapies is that you are leading the session through your own muscle responses. This is very empowering as you are able to bypass all the stories, agenda’s and limiting beliefs directly related to your issue and determine what techniques will bring your body into balance.

Many people turn to Holistic Kinesiology when they feel limited by simply talking about their problems. While talking is therapeutic (especially with a qualified therapist, counsellor or coach), Holistic Kinesiology taps into the body to find, heal or shift the root cause of the imbalance. Since emotions are held in the body, Kinesiology is a powerful modality to experience for yourself.

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How can I help you?

As a Kinesiologist, I believe whatever is happening for you right now is your opportunity to learn about yourself and grow as a person.

Do you find yourself wondering…

“What is stopping me? Why do I feel stuck?

“Why does this keep happening?”

“Why can’t I make this change?

“Why am I not doing what I am meant to do?

Sound familiar?

When you are not aligned with what you truly desire or want to create for yourself (for whatever reason) you’ll stay stuck in patterns, thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you.

Holistic Kinesiology can help you to understand the cause of these limiting patterns, thoughts and emotions, bringing clarity to your situation. This clarity gives you the wisdom to shift these old patterns, and balance you to your newly formed beliefs that are aligned to your true purpose.

I love helping my clients remove blocks, reduce stress and anxiety, create clarity and gain the confidence and inner strength to move forwards with their goals.

My intention is to help you to identify the core of the issue to gain insight and understanding, which enhances your own healing ability. Your muscle responses guide me to find the priority balancing method to suit your individual needs. Once all the obstacles are removed from your goal, and you are balanced in mind, body and spirit – true change is possible.

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Sharilee Manning kinesiologist

What methods are used in Holistic kinesiology?

Life Balance Therapy in Wollongong use muscle monitoring to ask the body for feedback regarding its current state. Muscle testing allows us to find the most beneficial technique from a whole range of structural, biochemical, emotional, electrical and spiritual processes. Common balancing methods can include:

  • Belief system reframing
  • Clearing sabotage patterns
  • Acupressure points
  • Gem and flower essences
  • Colour, scent and sound, platonic solids
  • Movement, breath work and physical releases
  • Relaxation and visualisation work
  • Tree of Life balancing – Sacred techniques that re-connect you with past traditional healing systems

We Love Our Clients

Belinda Rowe

I visited Sharilee for a Kinesiology session after being drawn to her via a recommendation. She has helped me in ways that are beyond words and allowed me through her healing and clearing to truly start to see and feel my true self. She has an amazing energy and knowledge that she uses instinctively and she understood my state and my goals. Shari was incredibly generous with her time and allowed me space to clear past, old, irrellevant messages and stories and guided me to a resolve that i can carry with me forever. Thank you.