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About Sharilee Manning – Holistic Kinesiologist Wollongong

Dip. Health Sci. Holistic Kinesiology

Sharilee is a Kinesiologist with many years of experience in helping people overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve their desired specific outcomes.

Sharilee has a Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology and a Certificate in Sacred Kinesiology.

Sharilee is passionate about helping clients find clarity with their situation and to understand the cause of the attached limiting beliefs, patterns, thoughts and emotions.

She has a unique way of working with you to help shift these patterns and balance you in mind, body and spirit to your newly formed beliefs that align to your true purpose.

Sharilee believes everyone can create their own reality and loves being a part of this process with people; and seeing people transform their lives.

After a session with Sharilee you will feel light, calm, connected, grounded, in-balance, positive with a clear pathway to achieve your goals.

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Belinda Rowe

I visited Sharilee for a Kinesiology session after being drawn to her via a recommendation. She has helped me in ways that are beyond words and allowed me through her healing and clearing to truly start to see and feel my true self. She has an amazing energy and knowledge that she uses instinctively and she understood my state and my goals. Shari was incredibly generous with her time and allowed me space to clear past, old, irrellevant messages and stories and guided me to a resolve that i can carry with me forever. Thank you.