How would you feel if you knew that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your path right now?  Would it make a difference to your thoughts, decisions, self-belief?  Would it allow you to calm your mind, your pace and give you the space to fully embrace exactly where you are in your life?

For this is the truth!  So often we can feel stuck in the past, with unresolved emotions and situations which can lead to thoughts that you are in the wrong place.  Looking outward to others to get the validation of who and where you are at in your life. When we are stuck in the past, we are unable to have the clarity and peace to see the joy in the present that is always available to us.  We are also unable to connect with our spirit and higher vision to create the next steps in our life with confidence.

When we fully embrace every experience without judgement, trusting that we know we are always loved and supported by spirit, we can allow ourselves to acknowledge and observe our experiences from our higher selves.  We can move through the painful emotions as well as the joyful ones, trusting we can access the wisdom we need to understand the lesson and continue our journey.

If you are feeling stuck in the past, and find yourself clinging onto painful experiences, know that you can shift these feelings and come back to yourself again.  I can help you to access your wisdom to understand your story, resolve your feelings, gain insight from this experience to re-connect with your truth and feel inspired once again in your life.

I am passionate about supporting people on their journey.  If this resonates with you, please reach out and connect with me, I would love to help.