Get On Track Towards Your Goals

At first glance, setting goals sounds like such an easy thing to do. Pick something you want to achieve and then just do it. How hard can that be, right? But, actually staying on track with your goals is sometimes the trickiest part of all. There always seems to be obstacles that pop up to [...]

How To Feel Loved And Connected

Do you feel loved & connected? Isn’t it a common theme that we can often feel alone & yearning for more love in our lives? Even if we are surrounded by people who love us? It is worth noting that we are always loved & connected in spirit – it is only us that separates [...]

The Difference Between Reacting And Responding

The difference between reacting & responding to events in your life can have a huge impact on the outcome. It is not what happens to us, it what we do that is important. Being able to take a breath & observe our emotions and decide on the best course of action is vital if we [...]

Become Present In Your Own Life

We have to consciously decide to make time to be present. To be mindful of what is happening in mind, body and spirit in that very moment and enjoy just being. We can get swept up in our thoughts constantly living in the future or the past or the irritation of the moment. Stress and [...]

Positive Thinking And Aligning Your Beliefs

Are your thoughts positive & lifting you up or are they bringing you down? You may not even be aware of your thoughts - however they are always in the background. This is what I mean by positive or negative beliefs. We can imprint a negative belief without even realising it after a difficult experience. [...]