How Does It Work?

Holistic Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access information about your well-being. The muscles have a strong correlation to specific organ functions, body systems, and the body’s overall energy.

A “locked” or “unlocked” muscle when tested indicates a disturbed energy flow, and shows where the imbalances are in the body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We can specifically trace the imbalance to identify where and why function is blocked – then facilitate a release by performing corrections to restore the body’s balance and equilibrium.

The intention is to help you identify the core of an issue to gain insight and understanding, which enhances your own healing ability. The muscle monitoring directs the appropriate balancing technique for you at that time.

Once all the obstacles are removed and you are balanced in mind, body and spirit to your goal; true change is possible. This allows you to actualise your goals into your life.

We Love Our Clients

Belinda Rowe

I visited Sharilee for a Kinesiology session after being drawn to her via a recommendation. She has helped me in ways that are beyond words and allowed me through her healing and clearing to truly start to see and feel my true self. She has an amazing energy and knowledge that she uses instinctively and she understood my state and my goals. Shari was incredibly generous with her time and allowed me space to clear past, old, irrellevant messages and stories and guided me to a resolve that i can carry with me forever. Thank you.