I thought it might be time to share my personal experience with Kinesiology.

I found Kinesiology when I was at a crossroads in my life. I had discovered dancing when I was 2 ½ and had been pursuing a career as a dancer ever since. At the age of 25 I was experiencing a lot of doubt that I would achieve the level of success I had always dreamed about. I was lucky enough to experience a few years of dancing in some amazing Dance Projects with wonderful Choreographers, however I never landed a full-time position with a Company.

At this time, I was also beginning to feel that there was something else I was supposed to do with my life. I had always been a very sensitive person & picked up on other people’s energy. People always seemed to open up to me & tell me things they would never share with anyone. Even strangers were sharing things with me they had never told anyone. I had realised early on too that life is journey and that I wanted to learn about myself and who I was and believed in following my true path in life. I committed myself to learning my life’s lessons.

Sharilee Manning

I decided I wanted to study a Natural Therapy, so I embarked on a short course that gave an overview in many therapies to see what I felt I connected with. I discovered Kinesiology and I fell in love with it straight away.

It was the only therapy I felt was so empowering. When the Practitioner demonstrated a balance, it looked like she was dancing around the person. It was like magic and it made complete sense.

The client made all the realisations for themselves. It offered them clear insight into their issue and their body knew exactly what it needed to bring itself back into balance.

I was so amazed! I had to try it for myself. So, I booked myself in for some sessions with the teacher.

After the sessions, I felt and noticed such an amazing change in myself and in my life.

I started to understand how we download our beliefs from our life experiences and the impressions from the people around us and our unconscious mind plays these tapes in the background of our mind. I realised how these beliefs create how you view yourself & create your experiences in life. I learnt during my sessions that my self-worth came from how other people saw me.

As a dancer you are constantly looking to your teacher to validate what you are doing is right or what you can improve on or in my case ‘be good enough’. I believed I had to be ‘good enough & successful’ to feel good about myself. I realised my anxiety came from needing this validation from the dance world, and if I wasn’t successful then I wasn’t able to accept myself or love myself. I really didn’t know how to love myself at all. During my sessions I began to identify and understand the beliefs I had formed that weren’t serving me. I let go of my insecurities and began to value myself. I was able to let them go to create new belief’s that helped me to accept myself & empower myself.

Kinesiology treatment in Wollongong

I found clarity in the direction for my life and gained the confidence to make enormous changes. I decided I wanted to help other people through Kinesiology and went on to study this life changing therapy.

Not only does this therapy help you to identify the limiting beliefs, it also helps you to shift them on all levels – mind, body & spirit. There are amazing techniques that are used to help you make the transition you want to make and literally manifest this in your life. You can become the true version of who you are and that is where the magic happens.

You see, the common thought is that happiness comes from things that external to us – when we have the perfect partner, job, house or enough money….

When in fact happiness is a feeling of being at peace with who you are and living your life in harmony with your beliefs. Living your life in tune with your true self, doing what you feel you are on this earth to do, knowing you are loved, being inspired, this is true happiness!


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Gandhi


This is why I love Kinesiology and I feel I have to share this work. We can all find this peace and create the life we love by taking the time to know, understand and heal.

I am still learning about myself & I will keep growing everyday as I don’t believe we ever ‘arrive’ at a destination, life is a continual journey of discovery and being able to enjoy the process.

I still have days where I hear old beliefs start playing, however now I can observe what is happening and quickly recognise where that pattern is coming from, let it go and re-affirm what I know to be true!

Peace can be restored! I also have amazing teachers, mentors and friends (a few special ones who are all of these) that help me to keep my balance and continue my growth.

Life is an amazing gift we have, and I appreciate it every day. I love seeing people transform their lives and being a part of this process with people.

I love this work and I would love to share it with you too.